Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hugh McRae Park - Wilmington NC Park Profiles

Hugh McRae Park in Wilmington, NC is a favorite of ours.  We loved it when the kids were little because they have a great, age-appropriate playground for toddlers.  And they also have a very cool, big playground for big kids.  The only time this was hard was when one child was a toddler and the other was ready for the big playground.  But we'd just split our time between the two so it worked out fine.  And now both love to run around the big playground.

So we've established that the playgrounds are fun!  Hugh McRae also has a smooth, paved recreation path for walking, running, or biking.  The full path is 1.55 miles.  If you have little kids who can't - or don't want to - make it all the way around the path, there are easy shortcuts or shorter paths you can take.  Hugh McRae also has 6 shelters for parties, picnics, and reunions.  There are 3 tennis courts, a full sized soccer field, lighted softball fields, and little league fields.  There is a really pretty garden area with a pond, a bridge over the pond, and a gazebo. This can be reserved for wedding ceremonies or photos.  There is also an off-leash dog park in one of the wooded spaces with it's own parking area as well as an area for horse shows.

Hugh McRae is centrally located in Wilmington NC at the intersection of College and Oleander Streets.  It's a well maintained, pretty park, with good lighting.  It's a great place to go for a run, to meet friends, to go after school to run around, or to pack the bikes, scooters, and a picnic and spend the morning.

You can visit the New Hanover County Website to learn more:

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